Your personal family guardian.

With privacy in mind.

The mobile guardian keeping your children safe and you confident.

We take data protection as serious as child safety.

We will never have access to your personally-identifiable data, nor will we give third-parties access to your information. Only your family and you have access to your information.

Keep your 



iOS Version is available

The first 1,000 families get 3 moths for free

EDA allows children to send an SOS signal if they are in danger, immediately informing family members of their live location via the app"

Safe, Fun & Easy 

It's the STARS - program

Parents and children can work together to complete tasks

and get rewarded

 Manage your family.

Motivate your kids with achievements

You want your children to do their chores and they want to go to the movies with their friends? No problem!

EDA Stars lets children propose a wishlist and parents can link a reward with a chosen number of stars, then put out tasks and let their children start earning stars.

The Eee-da-h team

We get joy from creating solutions which make families more connected, parents more confident and children safer. Let's get to know each other more!


Michal is an Associate Developer at EDA Family Solutions.


Daniel is the Founder and CEO at EDA Family Solutions.


Andrzej is the Co-Founder and CTO at EDA Family Solutions.

Let's build a safer app & future together

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